I’d Rather Be Thrifting!!

I woke up this morning and was in the mood to go out and visit some of my favorite Thrift Stores. Here in McKinney, we have three thrift stores. Plaza Thrift, Goodwill and The Inn Style Thrift Store (better known as the purple building).

thrift store 33

Located on Graves across from Sam’s Club.

thrift stores 010.JPGa

Located in the Shopping Center on the South East corner of Virginia and Central Expressway.

thrift store 34

Located on University (Hwy 380) at Tennessee St.









I enjoy shopping at thrift stores because you just never know what treasure you are going to come across.

thrift store 14

Cute sign (marked down several times)

thrift store 9

Pretty jewelry…













I love going through the clothes racks and finding these great name brands for such bargain prices.

thrift store8

Rows and rows of clothing .

thrift store 15

Popular name brands.













Some people do not enjoy shopping at thrift stores . Me, on the other hand, LOVE shopping at our local thrift stores. I feel it’s a way for community donations to be recycled back into the community. I have a good friend that buys all her grandchildren’s clothes at one of the well known thrift stores in town. Infant and small children’s clothing hardly has any wear and some have never been worn at all!!

I enjoy going into my favorite thrift store and heading to all the different sections of the store to check out the new arrivals. I usually head to the women’s clothing first.

After I have gone through all the racks in that section, I then go straight back to the shoes!

thrift store

All colors and styles!

thrift store 4

Designer brands…













From there, I like to see what fun things they have placed on the shelves in the Housewares section. They have some nice home décor items and some just downright FUN items too.

thrift store 7

Pretty little casserole dish.

thrift store 6

What a great birthday gift !

thrift store 5

Cute décor for a child’s bedroom.

thrift store 13

What a unique item! Pancakes anyone???



















Before I go to the check out counter, I always stop to browse through the purses. Look at this cute little basket purse for Summer!

thrift store 2

Brand new purse with the tag still attached!

The favorite part of my visit to the Thrift Store is always checking out at the cash register. It always amazes me how much you can get for such a small amount of money. I always go home excited to put my treasures away in their proper place. And there they will live happily…until the time that I, myself, get ready to donate them! ha ha ha



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