Precious Prints in Clay

Today I made a visit to Jamie LeVine at her McKinney home based business Prints in Clay. Prints in Clay is a family run local business created and built with lots of love and hard work.

The Beautiful Jamie LeVine standing in front of her main display wall. She  has a huge heart to match her amazing talent.

The Beautiful Jamie LeVine standing in front of her main display wall. She has a huge heart to match her amazing talent.

Jamie had scheduled an appointment during the time we planned to spend together so I would have the opportunity to take some photos of the process of creating a “Print in Clay”. Her adorable 11 month old client…and her Mommy, were both excited to get started.


Prints in Clay 023.JPGa

Isn’t she just a doll?

The LeVine’s have created such a charming business space in their home that rivals any storefront business in town. The pale green walls display the many design samples that are available.  There are hand prints and foot prints of all sizes and colors configured in a variety of themes. As I looked around the room, I was oohing and aweing at every turn.


Prints in Clay 011.JPGa

This is one of my favorites!


Customers can choose from sports themes, color schemes, family prints and just about any design you can imagine that will fit into the kiln.

Prints in Clay 002.JPGa

Once the customer chooses the design they want, the colors that will be used to fill in the print  and their favorite font, it is then time to get the prints pressed into the clay.

Jamie is a real pro when it comes to managing the many infants and children that enter through her door each day. She and the parent work together to help the child feel at ease while she takes the child’s hand (or foot) and presses it into the cold, sticky clay to obtain the best impression possible. It isn’t always easy to get a small child to cooperate but she sure made it look effortless.

Prints in Clay 041.JPGa

Mommy helps out in the process of creating the print.

Prints in Clay 037.JPGa

Such a sweet keepsake to keep forever.

After finishing up the prints, she will transform the gray cold clay into a lasting treasure. She will carefully paint it and fire it in her kiln. She finishes it up with a colorful ribbon. These incredibly cute “Prints in Clay” make such special gifts for any occasion. Her pricing is very reasonable for a such a priceless keepsake.

Prints in Clay 010.JPGa

Prints in Clay is a thriving small business that is one of a kind in our area. She transforms handprints into turkeys, pumpkins and even cute little Santas! Other design options that Jamie offers are thumbprint necklaces, Christmas ornaments, jewelry trays and many more unique, creative products.

Prints in Clay 053.JPGaPrints in Clay 012.JPGa

If you would like to learn more about Prints in Clay, I encourage you to visit the website where you can view her many, many design options.


Prints in Clay 025.JPGa

Jamie LeVine, thanks again for allowing me to share a glimpse of your amazing business on my Blog. It was such a pleasure to see all your unique designs in person. What a great service you provide for parents of small children. These precious Prints in Clay are a real treasure!

Jamie LeVine 002.JPGa

Jaime’s smile shows the LOVE that she has to share with all her clients.

Prints in Clay 032.JPGa

Jaime gently presses a tiny hand into the clay to make a lasting memory.




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