McKinney Fourth of July Parade…God Bless America!!

Fourth of July seems to always bring fond memories as I think back on years gone by. Yesterday was no exception! Many more fun new memories we made as we joined in the Annual fun of the Fourth of July Parade which is held each year on the Square in Downtown McKinney.

michael and sherri fourth of july

It was an old-fashioned small town parade that included beautiful old classic cars, boy scouts, girls scouts, city officials, stunning horses and even Johnny Quinn, the Olympic Bob Sledder, who served as the Grand Marshall of the Parade.

fourth of july 21 fourth of july 24

The cars were just beautiful all decorated in flags and streamers. They were driven by their proud owners who would honk and rev up their engines as they would pass by.

fourth of july 25           fourth of july 26


Some of my favorite parade participants were the horses. They pranced down the street looking so majestic. Most were also all decked out with Red, White and Blue and seemed to know that this was a special day.

fourth of july 33          fourth of july 32

fourth of july 31

Even a cute little goat joined in on the fun!

fourth of july 28


To me, the best part of the Fourth of July Parade by far were the children! They were all dressed in their special outfits and carrying their little flags so proudly. I would have loved to see them marching down the street all together. Now THAT would have been special. 🙂

fourth of july 38 fourth of july 39 fourth of july 40 fourth of july 41 fourth of july 42

It was a great morning and watching this wonderful Home Town Parade  made me proud to be an American!

fourth of july 35                 fourth of july 20


I even got to pose with old Uncle Sam himself!!!

fourth of july 19                        fourth of july 18


Tell me what you think!

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