Unexpected Picnic at Towne Lake

Today, I want to take a minute and “appreciate” my sweet husband thoughtfulness and romantic side.. ❤
Yesterday, we went over to feed Shredder (our grandson’s horny toad…our job while they are on vacation) and after filling his tummy up with crickets, we decided to go get some lunch for ourselves. We weren’t sure where we were going but headed East on 380. I suggested Hutchin’s and so OF COURSE that is where we went. When we got there, the parking lot was packed and Michael suggested that we just going through the drive-thru and take it home. I agreed but was disappointed that we were not going to go inside. I always love the atmosphere of this cute little country style bar-b-que place near the Downtown area of McKinney.




As we approached the window to pay and pick up our food, Michael came up with a new plan. He asked (already knowing the answer) if I would like to go eat our food at Towne Lake. I quickly agreed and had a whole new attitude about using the drive-thru.
We got to Towne Lake and sat and enjoyed our lunch together in front of the water and watched a dad and his son fishing on the shoreline. After lunch we fed the ducks and turtles our extra bun and just enjoyed being outside.


Thank you honey for always knowing just what I like and always being ready for a new adventure.


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